The skin is the most important aspect of our personal grooming regime and deserves the most attention. Hence, most people focus on it with regular cleaning and moisturising. However, what they don’t realise is that more often than not, this is not enough to have the most envious and glowing face.

In fact, scrubbing the face with a good facial scrub and following it up with a face wash would just manage to extract the excessive oil, dirt and pollution off the face. This cleaning process should be followed up with moisturising and applying the right kind of skin brightening cream that would leave behind glowing and flawless skin.

Wondering how you could get the kind on the skin? Read along to get the best ways to do so.

Do the basics right

It is right that cleansing the face is not the complete process to achieve glowing and flawless skin, but it amounts to the primary steps. Keeping the face cleansed all the time is a necessity for having flawless skin.

However, it is to be noted that facial wipes do not count among the products that keep the face clean. Instead, what you need to do is use a natural face wash (preferably and charcoal face wash) every day to extract the unwanted dirt out of the skin

Besides washing with that, you should use a good scrub at least twice a week during winters and thrice during the hot summers.

Pamper your face

Pardon me if you feel this might look odd, but this actually helps. What you need to do is massage your face with bare hands for a few minutes at least twice a week. Just massage and gently pamper your facial skin with your fingers before going to bed and this will increase the blood flow. This would help you get a very youthful face with negligible fine lines.

Have occasional cool showers

Hot showers might be a very plush thing to do and you might enjoy the freshness it brings to you. However, on the other side of the coin, the hot water rubs off all the essential oils from the skin too.

Hence, occasional short cool shower bursts are the perfect way to go to keep the skin clean without compromising on the essential oils.

Include a good skin brightening cream

Skin brightening creams are an essential part of the skincare routine as they provide excellent moisturising as well. Something like a natural Multani Mitti and Coco Butter formulated with skin brightening cream would be the perfect example of how to keep the skin moisturised and bright at the same time.

Hydration is the key

Time and again, you might have come across the tip “drink a lot of water to keep the face hydrated”. Well, as a matter of fact, this is just as important as anything else. You should drink ample amount of water throughout the day and supply the required nutrients to the skin.

Here is a tip, try to drink a glass of water every morning right after you wake up. It has a lot of health benefits too.


Getting a glowing and flawless skin is mostly about how to set up your daily routine rather than going for the expensive products and beauty parlour visits. There are just a few simple life hacks that you need to keep in mind and you are good to go.

And if at all you want to include a product in the form of a cream, you should choose the ones that have natural ingredients rather than the chemical ones.

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