Objects used for sexual pleasure is not new, it has been around for centuries. Humans have been making use of adult toys for ages. The 7.9” oldest surviving dildo dates back to approximately 28,000 years ago.

The innovative thing today is that style and technology has been incorporated. You will find them having designer colors premium material and designer colors. Even the toxic chemicals used several years ago to design dildos have vanished. Even the number of people using sex toys have increased.

Sex toys have been offering men and women with tangible health benefits. Survey reports state that high level of sex activities and great pleasure is obtained, when sex toys are used to interact with partners. Frequent sex offers both men and women great health benefits.

Some of the common sex leksaker för honom [toys for him] and her are given below.


To spice your sex space think about including simple restraints. For example, blindfolds will help to improve other senses. They are cheap and available in the bedroom. Limiting single sense organ – sight, couples can enjoy the excitement as one of them is not aware of what is coming next!

Restraints like handcuffs will also invoke similar feel as one of them will be in control, which can act as an aphrodisiac. Adults even make use of restraints like masks, mini whip, and leather choker during sex.

Artificial vagina

It is made from foam or rubber having a cylindrical opening to insert a penis. At many bachelor parties, blow up dolls with open orifices are mainstay but switching to artificial vagina will seem to be a practical way of offering little self-satisfaction. In addition, you can store it easily as well as there is no need for an air pump job prior you get busy. There are plenty of inflatable sex toy options.


He places the ring on his penis shaft base to constrict blood circulation leading to firm and long-lasting erection. It even promotes sensitivity. You get to choose from variety of materials including rubber, metal, leather, and nylon. Moreover, some have small loops that can be attached to bullet vibrator or a few rings vibrate, penis ring is pleasurable but ensure to wear it for not more than twenty minutes. As soon as, you feel numbness in the penis remove it.


There are different types of vibrators ranging from classic to single area stimulators or advanced models for multiple region stir.

  • Rabbit style includes shaft with spinning beads along with clit stimulator with rabbit ear shape.
  • Bullets are smallest with switch on and off button for controlling vibrating mechanism.
  • Remote control vibrators are popular for enjoying phone sex, it activates when cell phone gets dialed.


Dildos are shaped to resemble a penis and need to be used manually. Glass, plastic, metal, rubber and eco-friendly wood are the different material options. Many dildos have wavelike bulbs or raised texture or curves to stimulate G-spot.

Never forget to use water-based lubricant, when you use sex toys. Even learn ways to keep your non porous and washable toys clean.

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