Looking for a place where you can enjoy brunch on a nice sunny day? Or perhaps you want to experience the cool evening breeze while having dinner? Then you should dine in restaurants with outdoor seating in Dunwoody, GA.

Patio Dining

One of the most common settings for alfresco dining is a patio. Usually, restaurants will use a paved area right beside the sidewalk or a deck to house tables and chairs. The tables are often covered individually by large umbrellas for shade. Some establishments even have awnings to cover the seats.

If you like the busy ambiance of the bustling city sidewalk or enjoy people watching, then this would be the outdoor setup for you. Eating out on the patio can be fully appreciated during breakfast or lunch, where you can make the best of a sunny day without getting sunburnt.

Rooftop Seating

Some places offer additional tables and chairs on the roof of the building where they’re located, making good use of an otherwise under-utilized area. Often catering to the nightlife crowd, this outdoor restaurant seatingprovides shade during the day with a few umbrellas or small awnings.

This will be a good dining experience for you if you enjoy the city lights. You can also choose to visit such establishments in the daytime to see a view of the city from the top and its skyline from afar.

Garden Dining

Alfresco areas are also arranged in gardens, often situated at the back of the main building. Usually, these businesses will get landscaping experts to make them more aesthetically pleasing to diners. They surround a paved dining section with bushes and hedges and also create an extensive scene beyond that border which customers can admire from their seats. It’s like being in the country without having to give up the conveniences of the city.

If you enjoy spending an afternoon surrounded by nature, then a garden setup would be the ideal dining location for you. The fresh smell of the greenery during a day with fair weather can help make your meal even more relaxing.

These are just a few of the possible arrangements that restaurants with outdoor seating in Dunwoody, GA have. Use these examples to help you plan where to eat for a perfect dining experience.

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