Red light therapy is a breakthrough technology able to heal the body and return it to its youthful state. A red light slimming device will tighten and rejuvenate the body by eliminating fat cells; however, additional health benefits also come from this device.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red light possesses the longest wavelength of all visible light. At 635 nm, red light is the only light able to penetrate skin and activate cellular motion. The energy penetration of red light reaches 500,000 mw. With this power, red light is able to make significant changes at the body’s cellular level.

Red light is able to breakdown fat cells, providing skin with a firmer texture. When a client uses a red light slimming device, the fat cells in their tissues are stimulated at the mitochondrial level. Red light sends oxygen into the fat cells, causing them to move into the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

While red light therapy is effective for weight-loss and firming of the skin, additional health benefits from this potent, energy penetrating light have been found.

Healing the Body with Red Light Therapy

Because red light reaches below the skin to the cellular level, it provides healing to damaged cells. Two ailments that can benefit from red light therapy are joint and muscle pain and neuropathy.

When red light stimulates and provides fresh oxygen to cells, damaged tissue has the opportunity to heal. For those with acute pain (for instance, a broken foot or burned skin) and those with chronic pain (for example, an old sports injury or pain associated with fibromyalgia), healing at the nerve level can provide powerful pain relief that isn’t found in other procedures.

Researchers also have discovered that neuropathy benefits from red light. Neuropathy is a disorder of the nerves. When red light enters the skin and reaches the nerves, it can activate cells to repair the nerve damage caused by neuropathy.

An investment in a red light slimming device is an investment in healing at the cellular level.  When cells are activated at the mitochondrial level, many healing and revitalizing effects appear. As oxygen is sent into the cells, they become energized and move in new ways. Fat cells are broken down and flushed through the lymphatic system. Collagen production is increased, creating a more youthful effect in the skin.  Cells damaged by injury or neuropathy are given the opportunity to heal.

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