The marijuana legalization wave has made many people to legally as well as experiment with everything ranging from cannabis infused skin care products to edibles and candies. However, CBD is getting the spotlight, because it does not induce the high. CBD has proved to relieve pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The method to consume cannabis is changing. Cannabis infused topical has revolutionized marijuana perception because of their safety, effectiveness and accessibility.

What are topical?

Oils, balms, and lotions, infused with marijuana. It gets absorbed via skin and offers localized relief from inflammation, soreness and pain. They are non-intoxicating, so suffers looking for pain relief solution can use it without any concern about cerebral euphoria connected with smoking and edibles.

How does cannabis-infused topical work?

Cannabis chapstick including beeswax and different kinds of oils like grapeseed, avocado, jojoba, sweet almond and peppermint is great. The ingredients used are rich in Vitamin A, D and E, and have great anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-aging, anti-microbial, decongestant, anti-spasmodic and calming properties.

CB2 receptors of the skin get activated, when they connect with naturally produced endocannabinoids [human body produces] or the phytocannaboids [THC and CBC from the cannabis plant].

Even if the topical includes active THC, the intense high does not get introduced in the body [got from smoking and eating edibles]. Majority of CBD topical cannot breach bloodstream but penetrate in the skin’s CB2 receptors.

What symptoms get treated with cannabis salve?

Popular use of topical is for localized muscle soreness, pain, inflammation and tension but circumstantial evidence is revealing wide spectrum of possible benefits from skin conditions and inflammation.

  • For career girls leading extreme stress life can benefit from the cannabis lip balm. It is great for travelling. Easy to carry in purse as it blends well with other makeup products.
  • Marijuana infused chapstick is great for treating chapped and dry lips.
  • After an intense workout or brutal hiking experience, use cannabis infused spray including peppermint oil and cooling menthol, so as to wind down.
  • For severe localized pain try warming marijuana balm including cannabinoids pain killing properties with soothing and tingling sensation.
  • For arthritic pain use topical product with a combination of active THC and CBD to reduce the inflammation and pain.
  • Other issues like skin irritation, infection, curs, crapes, and bruises can be treated.

Topical outcomes are different because it depends on the ingredients and process used. Therefore, experiment with variety of topical to uncover, which one suits your needs. People who don’t like to smoke weed but wish to enjoy it discreetly in public can enjoy the topical lip balm. They get a relaxed feel but are focused.

Medical patients are making cannabis infused balm at home. Take cannabis bud or leaf trim, combine it with beeswax to give firm consistency. You can even make use of essential oil to increase its inflammatory and relieving effects.

Cannabis lip-balm has become a great companion in the kissing parties. Soon, someday it is anticipated that weed will be seen in products ranging from lotions to shampoo and also anti-aging serums.

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