Planning a wedding requires a lot of consideration. Be it making a beautiful invitation card, selection and decoration of the wedding hall, or making catering arrangements, it involves spending a good amount of money, effort and time.

When talking about food, donuts are one of the most interesting dishes that is loved by people. It fits within the budget and its distinctive flavors tantalize the taste buds of every person in the wedding.

More affordable

A conventional wedding cake is mostly priced as per the serving with variety of add-ons such as decorations, fillings, toppers, and more. Holding a wedding where several guests are invited, can quickly add up the cost of wedding cakes and make it a lot costly. Investment in donut walls in bulk quantity can reduce the cost by a hundred of dollars. This will prove to be profitable for wedding party.

Donuts Little Rock AR is one of the popular shops that brings an extensive variety of mouth-watering donuts for parties and weddings. Depending on the taste and the price, you can select the right flavor of donuts.

Choose from a large range of flavors

As opposed to cakes that come in limited flavors donuts come in an interesting range of flavors that make your guests excited and interested of which flavor to choose from. There are flavors that will meet the choice of children, adults and elder people.

Also, there is also provided an option to choose gluten-free and vegan options. When looking at the flavors, you will find the sky to be the limit. The combination of donut and frosting enables one to form a wedding dessert that is enough to delight anyone.

Enhance your décor

Donuts when used in displays enhance the look of the existing décor. It can even form an interesting theme for your reception. When using a donut wall, it is easy to form them into designs or words, or even form your own monogram. You can even use a different color of design and frosting on individual donuts to form a remarkable piece of art.

Easy to serve

Serving a donut is far easier than serving a cake. It is especially beneficial when kids are there in the party. Donuts save on the extra work and mess that is mostly seen to happen in case of serving a piece of cake to the guests.

Let the guests see the different flavors of donuts that you have served to them. After when they select the flavor, you can serve them with decorative napkins. This will reduce the price of renting dishes. Also, packing of donuts is easy. All you need is to pack the remaining donuts back into the boxes.


Donuts are a popular choice for people all across the world. It is seen to be the best alternatives to cake in a wedding. It is the best dessert for a reception finale. From donut walls to donut towers, choosing donuts over cake brings you a lot of opportunities to bring creativity in your wedding menu.

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