VenaSeal is one of the greatest leaps forward in negligibly-invasive treatment of varicose veins over the past 15 years. It is a noteworthy headway in treating vein deficiency, varicose veins, and other vein sicknesses. When veins don’t work appropriately, they don’t adequately return blood from the leg to the heart, which can result in pain, heaviness, cramping, swelling, irritation or shivering in the legs. VenaSeal treatment for varicose veins can close the harmed veins and reroute blood through more advantageous veins. The treatment is intended for varicose veins that produce mellow to direct side effects, for example, pain, blood clusters, or skin ulcers. Patients discover alleviation from varicose veins with this non-surgical procedure and resume exercises that day.

How Does VenaSeal Treatment for Varicose Veins Work?

  • One of the talented and experienced doctors at Precision VIR will numb the site, and afterward embed a catheter. You may just feel a slight prick or sting from the single needle. Through the catheter and guided by ultrasound, the VenaSeal glue, similar to a superglue, is unequivocally infused into the harmed veins.
  • The catheter is then expelled, a swathe is connected, and you will start to feel quick relief.

The whole methodology just takes around 20 minutes. Recuperation is short, symptoms are negligible, assuming any, and the outcomes are changeless.

Advantages of VenaSeal Treatment

If you happen to be a candidate for a VenaSeal procedure, rest assured that there are a significant number of advantages of this procedure. Here are a few of them for your consideration:

Insignificantly obtrusive – VenaSeal treatment for varicose veins is an outpatient procedure without anesthesia—a tad of desensitizing at the catheter insertion site. There is normally just a single little entry point—maintaining a strategic distance from uneasiness related with various needle sticks.

Various veins can be treated on the double – That spares you time since you don’t have to return for extra treatment arrangements. You’ll need to take less downtime from work or different responsibilities. Also, you’ll feel relief from your symptoms totally, not in stages.

No heat – Since VenaSeal treatment for varicose veins utilizes a “super-stick” like medical adhesive, there are no heat nor thermal sealants included. That enables recovery time, as well. It additionally decreases the risk of injuring surrounding tissue. VenaSeal additionally has insignificant to no bruising in many patients. You will leave your meeting with a Band-Aid, and have healthy legs!

Compression leggings aren’t required post procedure – Most of our patients who qualify patients are excited that they don’t need to manage the bother of wearing compression stockings.

Insignificant uneasiness – One of the best advantages of all is that VenaSeal treatment for varicose veins has negligible inconvenience during the whole method. No pain? Not with VenaSeal! With clinical preliminaries demonstrating a success rate of 92-99%, you won’t feel pain, yet you will surely have a great deal to pick up! You’ll have practically prompt help from the greatness, achiness and inconvenience of your vein condition.

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