Bariatric surgery is one of the proven, safe and effective treatments available today that helps in managing weight in a person. Like any surgical treatment, for successful execution of bariatric surgery, it is important to be well informed about the treatment, its pre-preparation and post-care.  There are several important steps that a person should take to prepare them for weight loss surgery.

Learn about weight reduction surgery

View websites, read books or attend any support group who have undergone through any such surgery before. This could be a beneficial way to become more informed about treatment procedures, lifestyle changes and risks. You may learn from the experiences of people before and after the surgery. This can help you in becoming better prepared to deal with them.

Discontinue use of nicotine and tobacco products

People who smoke or consume nicotine and tobacco products, need to stop it. This is a very important requirement and steps towards preparing for bariatric surgery. This is essential because both of these products are seen to dramatically enhance the chances of building of complications at the time of orpost-bariatric surgery. You need to stop consumption of both the products for a minimum of 3 months before you begin to the pre-surgery education.

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Bring modifications in your diet

Diet plays a significant role in determining the level of benefits that you are going to get from a bariatric surgical treatment. It is one of the most critical factors that you need to pay attention to when performing this surgery. It is advised to eat three daily meals and 1 to 2 small sized snacks every day.

Don’t skip breakfast as it is the first and very important meal of the day. Don’t eat within 4 hours from your bedtime. Increase protein content in your diet. Stay away from sugar and processed foods and introduce more of green leafy veggies and fresh fruits in your meals.

Start tracking water and food intake

If you want to get the best benefits out of your bariatric treatment, then you need to monitor your drinking and eating habits. This will help you to identify areas for improvement.

Drink a lot of water and restrict consumption of beverages

Follow the thirst signals of your body. Adults require to drink a minimum of sixty-four ounces of water daily. Limit or stop consumption of liquid calories, that includes soda, alcohol, energy drinks, coffee with sugar or cream, and juice. Eliminate carbonated and caffeinated beverages. Don’t drink liquids with meals. It is advised to wait for atleast half an hour before drinking water post a meal.

Talk to your insurer

Different insurance plans offer different types of coverage for weight reduction surgical treatments.  It is important to talk to your insurance company to know about your coverage under the treatment.


So, these are the important things that you can begin performing today to prepare yourself for weight loss surgery. The better prepared you are for the treatment, higher will be the chances to achieve success in the treatment.

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