Blue Dream is the baby of Silver Haze and Blueberry strains. DJ Short recreated Blueberry Dream crossing an Indica [Blueberry] and Sativa [Silver Haze]. Consumers can enjoy the best of both these cannabis types. Cerebral high hits first, lifting you before drifting in whole body high.

Blue Dream seeds are in huge demand because of variety of reasons.

  • It is a worthy weed

It has plenty of medicinal uses as it soothes anxiety, depression and headache. High uplifts but is not overpowering. Great for cloud watching or general laziness. Great morning social strain to boost energy, mood, creativity and perception. THC content is only 17%, so the potency is not so strong that a person can turn into a couch potato.

  • It offers cool effects

Its first effect is relaxed euphoria feel, which comes within few minutes post vaporizing or smoking. On the other hand, if Blue Dream included edibles are consumed then the effects will take a couple of hours to be felt but the user will feel very active and be able to perform long list of tasks all through the day energetically.

  • Its odor is sweet

Blue Dream’s odor and taste is sweet. Users notice high-pitched sweetness of blueberries, when the smoke hits their nose first and then their taste buds.

  • It is open source

As Blue Dream is not proprietary strain controlled by a few secretive breeders, so seeds and clones are easily accessible.

  • It is very productive

Blue Dream is a big yielder, so makes it a dream plants for cannabis cultivators. Growers can gauge the quantity and quality of their expected yield.

  • Its marketing success

Branding and marketing have already started in edible markets and even in individual buds. This trend is increasing and buds are being branded as close to organic or eco-friendly products.

  • It is everywhere

Blue Dream is reasonable and sold in bulk because it is easily accessible.

Blue Dream growing information

  • Blue Dream can be easy to grow indoors and outdoors.
  • As it is a little bit dominant on Sativa genetics, the plant grows tall, so more suitable for outdoor growing.
  • If grown indoors then needs aggressive training and topping techniques, while growing.
  • It is a heavy feeder because it grows very dense buds.
  • It has a great affinity for nitrogen, so needs twice in comparison.
  • Water is also needed in plenty, so is not perfect for outdoor crops not close to water source.
  • As the buds and heavy and dense, Blue Dream needs a kind of support system.
  • Staking prevents branches from breaking in high wind conditions outdoors.
  • Sativa’s take a little long time to grow, so Blue Dream starts to grow tall and branch out around 57 to 65 days.
  • It is resistant to diseases and mods but little vulnerable to pests like caterpillars and spider mites due to its sweet aroma.

It is understandable why Blue Dream is a favorite among smokers and breeders. It is a strain that offers something to every user. Medical patients prefer it for its sufficient THC content, so as to fight the common pain symptoms. Recreational users prefer it because Blue Dream keeps them relaxed and high without any feel of getting knocked out.

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