Before we talk about the uses of cannabidiol or CBD treating different kinds of pain, let us first try to understand what we really mean by pain. Pain is very unpleasant physical sensation that can be caused either by certain illness or by any injuries.

CBD can treat pain which is neuropathic and inflammatory. You may click here for info on CBD for pain as we are going to discuss in this post about the use of CBD for different kinds of pain.

Neuropathic pain

This type of pain is caused due to certain disease or damage and some nerves fed information to the brain about the sensation of pain. This information can be fed either through spinal cord, muscles or any other part of our body.

It is something like burning sensation that can be often too unbearable.

Inflammatory pain

Inflammatory pain, on the other hand is caused due to natural defence mechanism of humans. When our immune system will detect pathogens, damaged cells or irritants, swelling will be first part of our healing process.

Chronic inflammation may cause more harm, and may lead to diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and certain types of cancers too.

How CBD helps?

CBD will inhibit glutamate release which is one of the inflammatory agents, and will make it efficient in minimising painful burning sensation as mentioned above in neuropathic pain.

The other natural supplements like magnesium glycinate, along with CBD can be used for managing effectively neuropathic pain.

CBD can provide unique treatment to the immune system of our body. Our body’s endocannabinoid system has receptors for cannabinoids that is positioned in the immune system, and makes it accountable for how our body can react to inflammation and pain.

CBD used for treating chronic pain

Researchers have concluded that by using CBD overall pain management can be done without causing any kind of adverse side effects.

Also, they claimed that CBD was quite beneficial for patients, who are suffering from chronic pain and cannot sleep properly due to that, can also have better sleeping patterns and thus lot of people suffering from insomnia has also been benefitted.

CBD used for Arthritis

Researchers have also established plenty of experiments done on rats that CBD can reduce inflammation and treat various signs and symptoms of pain without showing any side effects.

Though human trial has not yet been conducted but with trial with many different animals they are quite convinced that it will work for humans too to reduce inflammation and joint pains.

British researchers have developed certain CBD based mouth spray that was successfully used for providing relief for pain due to arthritis. However, this also have psychoactive ingredients like THC that can cause high feeling.

Can CBD cure my pain?

First of all, you must assess your pain whether cold weather affects your pain? Can you see any swelling? Are you feeling any burning sensation which is persistent and also stabbing sense of discomfort and irritation?

In case, your pain is either neuropathic or inflammatory then CBD supplements can be the right solution for you. However, it is important to consult with your doctor before you try any kind of CBD products for the first time.

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