It’s easy for the employees to find a way and fix the urine test. The industry and technology today invented so many things to give them endless options. It seems like people are more concerned about the paycheck then doing a good job to keep their jobs.

If you’re an employer, it’s understandable that you want your workers to be sober at work. It’s the least you can ask from them. However, some of them seem like they can’t accept and respect even this.

That’s why a lot of employers ask their workers to do a drug test. One of the best options is, of course, the urinalysis. This one gives the lab practitioners a chance to take a pick inside the system of the person and find out if something is going on inside that’s a health warning. Also, it is the best way to discover if people took some kind of illicit drug in the past period.

However, people who did some drugs fear the results and they do everything in their power to scam you. The internet gives a lot of choices about how to do it. Aside from detox products that clean the system faster, there are the fake urine kits that people use when giving the sample.

In this article, we’re talking a little more about these kits and how an employer should prevent something like this happen in their workplace. Read on and learn more about it!

What is the urinalysis?

The urine test is performed by taking a sample of the person’s urine, of course. It is then stored carefully in a special beg and taken into the lab. Some employers choose to conduct this operation at the very same location where the lab is. There are some of these labs that provide such possibility.

Instead of making a mess at your offices, you can schedule it at this location and avoid having to do this at work. On top of everything, you get to see the results right away.

The bad thing here is that it will be much harder for you to control the situation. As we said, a lot of people use synthetic urine and it’s your job to prevent something like this happen. It’s not always about the drug use, but for the results that a certain person should see for themselves. If there’s something important, the doctors will uncover it. A fake sample will show nothing.

What can you expect and what you should do?

If someone took drugs in the last week or month, you can be sure that they’ll do everything in their power to get rid of the substances inside. Your employees will certainly search for the top synthetic urine choices for your job test. Maybe, you should do the same so you can recognize the kit and see if someone has it on themselves.

What you can do to prevent faking are things that might seem filly to some, but will do a great job for you as an employer. First, take all the microwaves out of your office place. The most important thing when handing over the sample is to have it under the right temperature. If the person can’t provide a sample that’s around 97-98 degrees Fahrenheit, then the practitioners will see that the candidate is giving them a false one and they’ll certainly inform you about it.

Sure, some kits have their own preheating methods included, but you need to do everything in your power to prevent what can be prevented.

Usually, people do the switch in the toilet where they have their privacy. You can’t take their privacy away, but you can do some things to make it harder for them to cheat. Think about things that will make people uncomfortable while doing something like this. You can’t record them or make them pee in public, but you can do other things that will show them that someone might be watching even though no one is. A mind is a powerful tool if you know how to use it properly.

If you catch someone doing something like this, you need to know that they are not doing it because of fun. They’re definitely hiding something. The urine test can show drug use for up to 30 days and be sure that your employers know this. If they happen to cheat, it means that they’ve been taking drugs not so long ago.

The most commonly used illicit drug in the USA is marijuana. This one leaves traces of itself in our body for as much as 30 days. Since most people use it, you can be almost sure that your workers who try to cheat smoked some pot sometime in the last month. See marijuana use in the USA on this link.

Having this information should give you a clear insight into what they are doing after work and how influenced they are showing up in the office. If someone seems strange and they claim that they are not feeling well or they are sick, you’ll fast understand that it was all a lie. No employer should endure workers who lie to them. After all, you’re the one that pays for their services, not the other way around. Sacking them is the right choice, but if that person is a valuable member of the team, you may still think about it twice. You’re under no obligation to do it, it’s completely your choice.


With this information, it should be easier for you to find a solution to the problem of drug use in the workplace. It’s completely unacceptable to have people working under the narcotic influence. Preventing these kinds of things is absolutely necessary.

Even if someone tells you that what people do after work is their business, you should know that you as an employer can never be sure about who’s doing it at work and who’s doing it at home. Your actions are completely justified.

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