Narcotics tend to be addictive and are prescribed by doctors to ease severe pain.  When these narcotics are taken without a doctor prescription for recreational reasons or to feel less-stressed out it would slowly turn into an addiction and cause harmful effects to the person’s body and mind.  It can be a difficult time to handle when you suspect your loved one falling prey to substance abuse.

You would not be sure if drugs are the reason they are acting strangely or is it some other school stress. If the real reason for their behavioural changes is drugs, then knowing it for sure at the earliest makes a huge difference. Some narcotics have a higher risk of addiction and dependency when compared to others.

The cravings and withdrawal symptoms are way worse when the person has been using the substance for a longer duration. It is hence very important to recognise the signs of drug usage sooner and arrange for their rehabilitation. If you are looking for teen residential treatment centre in MN, check out On-Belay House Anthony Louis Centre. They have centres at four places and are equipped with professional health therapists to bring your loved one out of their addiction.

Signs of Substance Abuse

When the substance abuse gets out of hand and if the person is constantly dependent on the drug for every day functioning, it is difficult to make the person stop taking drugs without professional help. It is high time the person seeks treatment. There is no reason to feel embarrassed about seeking medical help to deal with addiction. Using most of the narcotics start showing signs outwardly.

Drug abuse alters a person’s behaviour significantly. Most of the narcotics meddle with the functioning of brain causing behavioural changes. The person displays signs of

  • Increased irritability
  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Neglecting responsibilities

Some of the other physical symptoms include dizziness, euphoria, nausea, sedation, decreased respiration and slurring of speech.

It is a common misconception that teenagers turn to drugs because they are curious or want to be rebellious. Knowing the reason behind their drug addiction is the first step towards helping them and it would aid us in seeing things from their perspective. The common reasons include:

Other people: Teens happen to notice the activities of their family members and friends. At one point of time, they would have friends urging them to give it a shot. Since the substance is now readily available, they start trying it.

Media: The TV shows and movies make them feel it is cool to smoke drugs and hence they see no harm in trying it.

Stress: They seek solace in drugs to get rid of loneliness and get over feelings of frustration and unhappiness. Consuming drugs makes me feel light and energized.

Boredom: Some seek it since they have nothing else to keep them occupied. They crave excitement and these drugs apart from making them feel less bored also fills the void they feel.

The initial effects of narcotics make them feel good and they easily get carried away by this dangerous shortcut to happiness. By educating them about drugs and their fatal side effects you can reduce the associated risks.

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