Ever since the launch of iPad, it is considered to be one of the most popular devices and continues to hold the market even today despite its strong competitors.  The tablets are perfect in every manner. However, a device can start giving you problem anytime without any forewarning.

If you live in Vasteras you might require datorservice & reparation. It is important to get technical help in this regard. The company installs, reinstalls, optimizes, troubleshoots, sells and repairs all kinds of computer models. They can also repair your iPad in case it is troubling you a lot. Some of the common problems of iPad and its solutions are:

  • Saved IDs and passwords are not displayed anymore

The login information for all the websites is normally saved. It is no longer the same, as the users need to type the ID and password every time they are logging in. The solution to this problem is that there is a new feature upgraded from iOS 11.3 where IDs and passwords no longer get filled automatically. The system, however, has all the available information.

You have to just tap on empty username field for the website you logging in to. At the keyboard, you will see the password written. Just tap on the password and the login information would automatically get completed from there. However, if a site is not secure enough, then the URL will get highlighted unsafe with red box.

  • Safari keeps crashing

Many users observe that Safari app is closing unexpectedly if many tabs are open or if one more tab is being opened.  The solution for this issue can be click on Settings then Safari and go to Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data.

If you are not able to handle the issue then you need to go for factory reset. It is important to have a backup of all the important data. After that you have to go to Settings, General, Reset, Erase All Content and Settings. You can also use a third party browser like Opera or Chrome.

  • Laggy and sometimes slow keyboard

There are people who sometimes are very slow while typing email or using iMessage. The iPad running on iOS 8 or above can use third-party keyboards but the problem still remains unsolved.

The solution to this problem can be switching off the Guided Access by going to Settings, General, Accessibility, and Guided Access. You can also go to Settings, iCloud, Documents, Data, and then turn the access off.

Additionally, you can reset the settings by going to Settings, General, and Reset All Settings. The third-party keyboards can be removed by clicking on Settings, General, and Keyboards. Swipe the keyboard name to the left and delete it. You can click on Add New Keyboard for all the other options available.


All the electronic devices have some of the other issues. Some issues are minor and can be easily sorted out while there are many major issues which cannot be sorted out by a common man. In that case, it is better to visit a service center or take the help of a technician.

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