Life is often full of stressful or tense situations. It’s tied to your body’s fear response, and is a completely normal reaction to certain events. Public speaking at work, large social gatherings, obligations to another person, and other common situations can make you feel tense or nervous. This is common and completely healthy, but anxiety, unfortunately, isn’t healthy.

It can be tough to tell the difference between nerves and anxiety. Many people think that they’re experiencing everyday, common nerves, when actually they’re suffering from anxiety. While it may be discouraging to hear this news, it can be helpful to learn that your symptoms are treatable. Anxiety disorder treatment facilities help people cope with their symptoms and better handle common situations.

This is a simple guide to understanding the differences between simple nerves and an anxiety disorder.


Ordinary nerves cause some fear-like responses, including a dry mouth, sweaty palms, and jittery movements like shaking ones’s leg or wringing hands. But anxiety disorders carry some more intense and difficult-to-endure symptoms, including shortness of breath, severe headaches, and even dizziness.


Anxiety disorders also cause a sense of nervousness more frequently. If you consistently struggle with feelings of stress or anxiety, contact an anxiety disorders treatments center near you. You can learn about how to put an end to the daily battle with your own sense of fear.


Anxiety can also cause longer-lasting symptoms. Ordinarily, feelings of nervousness or stress are temporary, and only last for a few minutes. However, if your feelings and symptoms are extended, lasting for several hours at a time, or if it seems like nothing can stop your feelings, then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.


What’s causing you to feel tense and nervous? Do you have a big presentation tomorrow, or a party to attend full of people you’ve never met? It’s understandable to feel stress in anticipation of these events, or even during them. But then there’s anxiety. Anxiety disorders often cause people to feel stress or fear for no particular reason. Many people with social anxiety can feel too tense to handle everyday situations, like answering the telephone or speaking to a stranger at all.

To learn more about anxiety and get treatment, contact anxiety disorder treatment facilities near you. You can discuss your experiences, get support, and find relief. There’s no shame in seeking out help. You can find relief and feelings of security on the other side of treatment.

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