Cigarette smoking harms your body and around 1/3rd of deaths are due to heart disease, which is a result of smoking as well as second-hand smoke. It damages all the organs in your body along with your heart. Second-hand smoke pollutes the ambiance and puts innocent people as well as your loved ones at risk. It is a good thought that you are determined to quit smoking.

Eliminating smoking habit is extremely hard. Fortunately, you can ease the transition and turn to vaping. Can vaping help quit smoking permanently? Is it a better option?

Less harmful

The e-cig heats nicotine, chemicals, and flavors to create water vapor or steam, which is inhaled. The conventional tobacco cigarettes comprise of 7,000 chemicals. The majority of them are toxic but even though the nicotine is extracted from tobacco you get exposed to a few toxic chemicals in comparison.

Control nicotine intake

In customary tobacco cigarettes, you are not aware of the tobacco level but in vaping, you can control the nicotine amount. E-liquids are available in a series of nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 36mg. In your quit smoking process start with 36mg and generally move to the nicotine-free option. The transition will be a smooth one without withdrawal symptoms.

No horrid smell

The smoke of traditional cigarette lingers on the user’s clothes, hair and hands for hours. Vaping has no lasting odor. You can have fun with flavors. At the vape shop in Tempe, AZyou get spoilt for flavor options including –

  • Fruits like blueberry, watermelon, strawberry, apple, grapefruit, banana, cherry, lemon, orange, etc.
  • Caramel
  • Butterscotch
  • Crème
  • Menthol
  • Vanilla
  • Cuban tobacco
  • Turkish tobacco

You can try and experiment with different flavors to discover a preferred one. You even get an opportunity to blend and find your personal favorite. With regular tobacco cigarettes, this flexibility was not possible.


Tobacco products are heavily taxed, so it is very costly to afford a heavy conventional cigarette smoking habit. E-cig is an affordable way to smoke. The initial investment in the device like pen-style vaporizers or vape mods can be expensive but lasts for long. You will need to incur a small cost regularly, on the e-liquid and batteries. Heavy cigarette users can save significantly from the switch to e-cig.

Add essential oil

Adding essential oil in the e-liquid will help in several ways. Some essential oil –

  • Possess inflammatory properties and help to soothe the throat irritation due to some illness or old smoking habit.
  • Reduce anxiety just like it does, when you inhale their scent.
  • Help to manage tiredness and make you sleep soundly.
  • Act as an energizer as you get a good sleep the whole night.
  • Have anti-bacterial properties, thus reducing the risk of respiratory infection.

Vape in public

While moving in public, you cannot smoke a traditional cigarette because it is banned in some places. With vaping, there is no such ban. You can comfortably enjoy your dosage of nicotine without leaving the room or your social circle.

Vaping is not only for quitting your smoking habit but even a non-smoker can enjoy the benefits mentioned above. Visit online Tempe Vape Shop and try variety of flavors!

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