Most of the time, dental implants are the best solution for patients who are missing out one or more than one tooth. Dental implants provide a permanent solution giving natural look to your face. Additionally, it also restores your smile and clear speaking capabilities.

You may be a great candidate if you have good dental health. If not, you can also make periodical clinical visit before the implant. Most of the patients receive this treatment without much complications and problems. However, a comprehensive dental test is needed to allow the dentist help determining how to carry out the surgery.

Who is a good candidate for dental implant?

The best candidate for implants is a person who is enjoying overall good health and does not have any life-threatening diseases. Also, the person should follow good dental care. People who uses tobacco need to stop smoking for some time in order to make the operation successful.

In order to understand in detail, you must visit the facility. There are several dental care clinics in Australia which provides 360-degree dental care along with implants. Dental implants in Canberra are famous and are one of the best places to get this surgery done.

As per the recent medical news, the success rate of Canberra is higher than any part of Australia. If you have suffered from periodontal problems previously, you must consult your dentist. This will help the professional understand the best possible implant for you.

Understanding the process of tooth implant

Obviously, you will be given dental exam and complete health evaluation before the surgery. Once the results are satisfactory the dentist will prepare you for the implant. First, the dentist will choose the metal for tooth implant and customize it as per your gum area.

Most of the time the metal is titanium, since it is bio-compatible and does not react with the body. You will have to follow a religious home procedure before the day of the surgery. The surgery begins with the dentist beginning to drill a small hole within the jaw while you are still under anaesthesia.

The hole will be widened to a definite measure using different drill. This is mainly done to protect the damage of bone tissue. Then a small titanium screw is inserted within the hole which will serve as a prosthetic tooth. Since titanium has a unique atomic structure, it permits the bone tissue easily to fuse within the gum.

Slowly the bone will grow around the screw and will hold it tightly in place. Ceramic has been used for the coating. Although it might seem to be quite fragile but it has been rated best by patients, for its strength. Moreover, it resembles just like natural tooth when you smile.

Is age an important factor?

Most of the older patients have assumptions that they might not be an ideal fit for dental implants. If you are healthy enough to get a tooth extraction done then you are considered healthy enough for this medical procedure.

The only deciding factor apart from life threatening health conditions is, if you have sufficient quantity of usable bone density within the gum. This will help the implants to get attached.

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