All of us understand the importance of routine dental checkup. However, since we all are super busy with our routine responsibilities of family and work, dental care is usually overlooked. To help you get back on a proper dental care routine, here we have explained everything about preventative dentistry.


What is preventative dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is exactly what it sounds like – a routine of dental care which helps one in maintaining good oral health. It is a combination of proper oral care habits and regular dental checkups. In simple words, it is a lifelong routine that you maintain to ensure good health of your teeth.


Preventative dentistry services include:

  • Routine oral exams, mostly every 6 months
  • Thorough teeth cleaning
  • X-rays


Why if preventative dentistry important?

‘Prevention is better than cure’ perfectly applies to preventative dental care. To ensure proper general health and to avoid major dental problems, there are many necessary steps which you must take. Besides, taking preventative steps will not only save you from serious dental trips and their costs, but will also save you from the pain and anxiety that comes with it. In fact, in some cases, preventative surgery helped in avoiding surgeries as well.


With regular dental checkup, you will be able to monitor your teeth and gums better. Qualified and experienced dentists of Twin Lakes Dental clinic will use accurate diagnostic instruments to look for warning signs of – underlying problems, tooth decay, damage of previous dental work, etc.


Furthermore, tartar and plaque develops pretty fast over teeth and gums. It is only with routine dental checkups and thorough teeth cleaning that you can avoid this issue.


Benefits of preventative dentistry

  • Helps in promoting better oral hygiene habits like brushing, flossing, etc.
  • Helps you in avoiding gum diseases, tooth decay, and other serious dental issues.
  • Helps in identifying dental problems at an early stage.
  • Helps in reducing the dental problems which are a result of chronic health conditions like diabetes, certain cancers, etc.


Whom to consult for preventative dental care?

General dentist:

A general dentist or your family dentist is the one who can offer you proper preventative dental care. A general dentist is the one you can consult from time to time for thorough teeth cleaning, exams, X-rays, etc. They can even do fillings and provide several other dental care treatments.


Above all, they can help you develop proper oral health routine, and guide you for the same. They can educate you concerning the type of brush, floss, and toothpaste you must use, and show the proper technique of using them.


Pediatric dentist: 

If you want your kids to develop proper dental care routine right from the beginning, a pediatric dentist can help with that. In most cases, a pediatric dentist will keep on seeing your kid right from their young are to their teen years. They provide preventative dentistry services and even specialized treatments if needed.


To conclude it can be said that preventative dental care is the only way in which you can keep your teeth healthy throughout your life. Besides, most of the preventative dentistry services are covered in your dental plans, so you need not to worry about its cost as well.

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