Well-aligned teeth give us the confidence to smile and talk and to commence daily functions smoothly. Every tooth has a function like canine, mortar, etc. and if one tooth goes missing then the job shifts to the other teeth. Moreover, the space between two teeth is covered by the adjacent tooth by shifting gradually to the empty places. This deforms the jawline structure as adjacent teeth becomes crooked and tilted.

To hide those empty gaps, traditional dentures were made years back and are used even now. These dentures are fixed on the jawline. However, they don’t cover the gap, but just hide it from the external view. This means with age or any disease, the jaw bone can shrink and deform the denture structure. It costs money to make a new denture whenever there are any changes in the jawline.

Lately, the dental implant has gained a lot of attention as it is different from traditional dentures. Most people get scared after hearing that the procedure takes various months to complete and certain surgeries to accomplish. On the contrary, traditional dentures can be prepared by just taking the shape of the jaw structure.

Most clinics want to make money by just convincing people to go for an implant. However, Dr. Michael Nugent and Dr. West Ficken always focus on customer’s priority and health. They explain how implant dentures work, only to those who have good bone density and volume to support implant. If there are patients who have no teeth and also no bones in the jaw, then they’re suggested traditional dentures.

Their family clinic is situated in Pasadena, Texas, which focuses on satisfying their customers with optimum services. Their staffs are friendly and efficient which makes patients of every age group relaxed and comfortable. No need to book an appointment for kids and elderly ones separately in different clinics. Simply check their family dental clinic to solve purposes.

The implants are made of two types –

  • Bar retained denture which is a thin metal bar is connected to 2 or 5 implants and curves along with the jawline. Clips or other accessories are attached to the bar and denture.
  • Ball retained denture are attachments on the implant which is of ball shape. It is suited well with the socket on implants.

Implants are surgically infused in the gaps. The gums are cut and a hole is drilled where implants are placed, then the gums are stitched and left for healing. The implants are of titanium or similar material that is safe for the skin as it prevents any kind of infection and infuses well with the bone.

After several days there is another appointment booked when dentists check if the infusion between jawbone and implant is completed. This infusion makes the restoration secured. Different kinds of dentures then can be used to clip with implant.

The benefits of using dental implant –

  • People can chew and eat properly that helps in improving digestion.
  • It enhances confidence and improves speech.
  • Reduces irritation in gum tissues.
  • No risk of dislocating of dentures while doing any rough activity like biting hard food.

The implant helps in improving lifestyle and helps a person behave normally. Traditional dentures have many limitations and maintenance as well. Although implants require too many sittings and few surgeries, they’re painless if done by a qualified dentist.

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