Of the various 360 joints in the human body, none has a greater range of motion than the shoulder. The shoulder is used when you swing a baseball bat, hit a golf ball, or lift groceries out of the trunk of your car.  But, along with this great capacity for movement comes the increased capacity for injury. When that happens, your mobility can be severely limited, and any movement of your shoulder can be quite painful. If you are suffering with shoulder pain, you need to see a specialist who can help you get back on track. There are a number of treatments you can try before resorting to surgery, so find a doctor who uses a conservative approach first when searching for shoulder surgery doctors in Atlanta.

What Approach Is Best

Unless your shoulder pain is caused by injury, you need to try a non-surgical approach first, since any surgical procedure comes with a certain amount of risk. Your doctor should examine you first and diagnose a course of treatment for you that may involve targeted injections, medications, modification of your daily activity, using a brace, or physical therapy. If these forms of treatment don’t produce the desired result, then a minimally invasive procedure may be performed to inspect, diagnose, and repair the damaged area. Only as a last resort should you consider surgery, which will be necessary for rotator cuff repair, reconstruction or total replacement of the shoulder.

What to Look for in a Surgeon

Choose a surgeon who is part of a group of physicians who can treat any orthopedic problem you may incur over the years, and who you can establish a lasting relationship with. The group should offer comprehensive care from a staff of doctors and support personnel who have advanced training and expertise. They should be affiliated with a quality hospital who offers state of the art surgical facilities. The group of surgeons should be board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, be fellowship trained, and should put together a customized treatment plan for you to promote your healing and improve your overall strength and mobility. The treatment plan should include physical and occupational therapy, and pre-surgery education for you and your caregivers. Their mission should be to have you regain your independence and quality of life. Take care when combing through the choices of shoulder surgery doctors in Atlanta.

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