Crowns greatly improve your oral health and your smile. Whether you need them due to dental decay or severe trauma, this tooth implant is commonly recommended by professionals. But, the process can take hours and would require multiple visits. This makes it very time consuming and costly.

Thanks to modern advancements in oral health, it’s now possible for dentists to fix your teeth quicker and more efficiently. Here are 3 amazing benefits of same-day dentistry:

Faster Process

With the traditional procedure, it can take weeks of waiting before getting your teeth fully repaired. The dentist has to assess the damage, give you a temporary fix, fit you for your crown, and refit it to make sure it matches. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to go through the whole ordeal again, forcing you to spend more unpleasant days with your broken tooth.

Same-day dentistry makes use of advanced technology, so you don’t have to spend more than a few hours in the clinic. A lot of the steps are done digitally, which fast-tracks the whole procedure due to improved efficiency and accuracy.

Clean Dental Impressions

Lab pastes are traditionally used to create a mold of the smile. This putty triggers a gag reflex in many patients, especially for those who are sensitive. This results in an inaccurate impression, which will require them to repeat the unpleasant experience.

On the other hand, same-day dentistry uses the Chair side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC). This scanner generates a precise digital impression to create the crown. It’s less invasive than dental putty, and it’s more accurate.

No Temporary Crown Needed

In a traditional procedure, you’ll need to wear a temporary crown while waiting for your permanent one. Since it has to be removed, dentists can only use a weak adhesive to avoid additional damage. As a result, the makeshift tooth could fall out or not fit properly. This can be uncomfortable and leave a gap between the surrounding teeth.

With same-day dentistry, you don’t have to deal with a loose or uncomfortable temporary tooth. You’ll leave your initial appointment with your permanent crown that perfectly fits.

With innovations in oral health, getting a crown doesn’t have to take weeks. Look for a south jersey same day dentist who can fix your tooth quickly, efficiently, and precisely.

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