Getting used to a CPAP machine is not easy with all tubes and masks. Sleep apnea treatment is so important and unique for all individuals. Try to be patient with the machine and it will become easy for you. There are some tips for helping to deal with CPAP machines. It is useful for mental and physical health as well.

Bloomsthechemist comes to mind for finding the best CPAP machines for treating sleep apnea. The team of professionals helps in providing the best healthcare service for their patients at affordable rates. It provides health services with quality products at its best. Some of the tips to follow are listed as under:

  • Adjust the mask comfortably

The most common problems are the CPAP masks not fitting properly. If it is not fitting properly, then you cannot sleep well. Make subtle adjustments with the mask for making it comfortable and do it in front of the mirror.

After making adjustments, try lying down with your machines. If the mask is pressing hard against your skin, then you can buy soft nasal pads for reducing of strapping against your skin.

  • Trying to ease with using CPAP

Try using the therapy even during the day for bringing ease with the machine. Wearing it while watching TV or reading books is a great way of checking whether you need any adjustments or not. Your therapy specialist will make all changes you need especially according to your home environments.

  • Keep the CPAP clean

As the CPAP touches your nose and skin, many components like dirt, dust, dead skin cells, bacteria, etc. collects on the machine. Sleeping with fresh machines makes falling asleep easier. Cleaning the machine takes longer and prevents you from getting sick.

You can try washing all supplies using warm soap and water every once a week. Hang them up for drying. Or you can speed up the process using CPAP cleaner for sanitizing items for five minutes.

  • Relaxing before going to bed

Take time to relax before going to sleep. You can start meditation or doing yoga, reading a book, or watching TV for finding ways of smoothing yourself. Take at least 2 hours for relaxing before going to sleep.

Avoid bringing up stressful topics before going to bed. While you are stressing out, the body might release stress hormones for making people alert.

  • Optimizing lifestyle for sleep

Avoid taking caffeine before sleeping and also stop taking alcohol 3 hours before sleeping. For better sleep, workout for about 30 minutes can be of great help. For saving yourself from heartburn and stomach ache, take food at least 3 hours before the hour of sleep.

  • Try not going to bed until you are tired

If you are not feeling that tired, don’t go to bed. Delay your sleep time by some hours and try doing something productive. Keep your mind away from the thoughts of mask and machine


It takes a while to get used to the CPAP machine but have patience and you can overcome even your fear.

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