Oolong tea is world-famous for its therapeutic, taste and recreational purpose. The native tea leaves of China and Taiwan need to be brewed in the right way to enjoy its benefits. Many novice users of Oolong tea unknowingly brew the tea in the wrong way that spoils its taste.

Firstly, every person who prefers to drink Oolong tea needs to buy a superior quality product. They don’t need to search far as they can anytime order the best Oolong tea from YOSHANTEA marketing website. There you can get variants of Oolong tea that are quite useful to drink well-brewed tea. You can know how to steep Oolong tea by reading blogs of expert chefs and people who love to drink Oolong tea.

Guide to brew Oolong tea

  • 1st method:
    • Firstly, damp 2 to 3 gm tea leaves in hot water and filter the water immediately. It helps the leaves to unfurl before steeping them again. Then pour fully boiled water into the tea pot and add damp leaves. You can leave the pot lid closed for three to five minutes before serving.
    • Clay tea pot not used for brewing stronger tea variants will be more suitable to brew Oolong tea. This kind of tea is semi-oxidized thus having a separate pot will keep the taste of it intact.
  • 2nd method:
    • You need to dip the Oolong tea bag in the hottest cup of water for a minute and remove it. While boiling the water you can add a teaspoon of brown sugar. The other alternative to sweeten it is adding required amount of honey to tea.

Many like to damp the tea leaves with boiling water many times before actually steeping them for two to three minutes. These brewing methods help to enrich the taste, color and to enjoy the healthy benefits of Oolong tea. The different variants of Oolong tea take varied time-period to brew perfectly.

Time Taken to Brew Different Types of Oolong Tea

  • Wu Yi Oolong tea leaves 3 to 5 gm take at least one minute to brew nicely.
  • All kinds of oxidized Oolong tea require 4 to 5gm of leaves to make one cup of tea and the brewing time is one minute.
  • 4 to 5 gm of High Mountain tea may take even two minutes to brew fully.
  • It takes a long time to steep White Tipped Oolong and other kinds of bug-bitten Oolong tea leaves. The leaves need to be damped in hot for 2 to 3 minutes before brewing it in the hottest water.

It is useful to follow the instructions given in the pack of the tea leaves. Mostly all Oolong tea need well-boiled water to brew nicely in few minutes. To enhance the flavor, you can use the best Chinese medium-sized tea pots. It allows the tea leaves to settle down at the bottom to filter the tea in cups. A big size teapot won’t be useful as the water will cool down fast and a smaller one won’t be an appropriate choice to brew tea leaves for two cups of tea.

Enjoy your Oolong tea by brewing it right!

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